- Business class call quality
     - Include phone number (free for UK)
     - Cheaper than most other VoIP services
     - No engagement, no setup
     - UK landline calls 0.0026 GBP/m
     - International calls less than 0.01 GBP/m
     - Internat. mobile calls from 0.015 GBP/m
     - Free VoIP to VoIP calls fees 

   EasyVoip Multiple

   Ideal for small to medium size businesses.

   - Business continuity
   - Business class call quality
   - Multiple users on one account
   - Free "internal" calls around the world
   - Fax to mail, Voice to text, ...


   EasyVoip Enterprise

   Ideal for large enterprises, call centers.

   -  No setup fees
   - Works with most PBX s
   - Easy routing of calls to an on-site PBX.
   - Compatible with SIP and IAX protocols
   - Present your own number as outbound ID

EasyVoip Sat
  - Stay Connected at any location around the world
  - High-Speed Internet Access and Telephone from any remote 
    location where there are no terrestrial connectivity.
  - Rapid deployment VSAT Equipment
  - Connect Anywhere Anytime
  - Friendly Customer Service